Thursday, October 20, 2011

...::3 of the latest Techno tracks I've produced::...

Ever since moving to Colorado I've had the pleasure of witnessing and performing in one of America's  few remaining Techno scenes. Thank you P.u.n.c.h.i.s., Mother Earth Sound System, Make Mistakes, Flatline, & \/\/reckless for bringing all the amazing talent & inspiration to keep producing techno.
Fresh Start - Curtis the Destroyer
Curtis the Destroyer - Fresh Start by Curtis the Destroyer
I recorded theis about a month ago.. I used sounds from a sample pack recorded in abandoned hospitals. Scary.. Techno.

My redheaded friend - Curtis the Destroyer
Curtis the Destroyer - My redheaded friend by Curtis the Destroyer

Negative Black 1.0 - Curtis the Destroyer
Curtis the Destroyer - Negitive black (1.0) by Curtis the Destroyer

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Remember November...
what an amazing year.

Remember November by Curtis the Destroyer

Happy Holiday's

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Process by Curtis the Destroyer

The Process  by  Curtis the Destroyer

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Much love from the mountains. It's beautiful here, & it's coming out in my music.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Well I just finished up "Patio Scene".... its clocked in @ 95 BPM, very chill... lots of little bleeps n' boops layered within the 4 synths and 4 drumRacks. This track is definitely one that gives you the feeling of floating away or sinking to the bottom of the ocean... u decide :)
Patio Scene by Curtis the Destroyer

Monday, September 28, 2009

In the "studio"....

Currently i'm producing a new LIVE set, so I've decided to hold off on any bookings until it's complete. I've almost completed two 15 minute sections (Will you turn it down & Bite the apple) now I only need 2 more sections...
I will have an update soon.

There's a ROUGH 6 min preveiw here: CTD's ARTIST FB page <---Just click the link

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Underground Sound 5 "Freak'in Out" HLN STAGE UPDATE!

UGS5 Aug13-16. We would leave from Lincoln, NE

2 main stages, 4 sound camps

lookin like it would be around (dont quote me on final number) $160ish with tax and ticket and roundtrip bus ticket...only 40 seats avail. get at me :)


this show is goin to be rediculous.

we are also hosting a sound camp again this year, Diffuse Interreflection Camp. So far local/regional talent confirmed for our sound camp are:

Deemster (CA)
Ric Roberts (CO)
David Seied (CO)
Phaded (IL)
Lyrical Bliss (CO)
Sauce (CO)
Curtis.the.Destroyer (NE)
Blac (NE)
Wolf-e-Wolf (AR)
Bentone (NE)
$pence (NE)
Miss Knotty(NE)
SpinLDN (NE)
Che Garcia(NE)
Qubit (NE)
Moeglie (NE)
Lucky Ludo (NE)
Always420 (KS)
mixdup (NE)
Re:Work (NE)
Nij (NE)
Skroller (MN)
DJ Tatooine (NM)
Bobblehead (MN)
Arcturian Expedition (AR)
Pandemic (MN)
Masaris (NE)
VJ 8-Bit (NE)
VJ Arison (CO)
VJ Logical Signal Distortion (MN)
Peter D. Rabbit (KS)
+more TBA!!

plus all this (and jackal and hyde was jus added)....check out the website